Partial Dentures

We offer three different types of Partial Denture treatments to suit individual needs.

Cast Metal Partial Dentures

Cast metal partial dentures offer an exact fit and have less bulk which allows for more tongue space. The edentulous spaces would be fitted with premier teeth giving the best natural outcome.


  • Takes up little space and offers superior comfort
  • Cast metal partials feature ‘rest seats’ and clasps which maintain a longer lasting outcome with the least wear on natural structures


  • Difficult and sometimes impossible to add to when an extra tooth has to be added on to the plate
  • Metal clasps could sometimes be visible and detract from aesthetics
Flex Partial Dentures

These partials are made from a flexible nylon-like material and rely on a mechanical bond between the teeth and base material.


  • The flexible partial is offered as an option where aesthetics is at play as the clasps are made from the same material as the denture base and can be well disguised


  • Relines and repairs are difficult and in most cases will call for a total remake of the partial plate
Acrylic Partial Dentures

The body of this type of partial denture is constructed from acrylic and held in place by stainless steel wire clasps.


  • Cost-effective and an ideal short-term option
  • Adding teeth and relining is easier and less expensive


  • In order to be structurally strong enough, the minimum thickness is 2mm making it far more bulky than the above options
  • Because of the bulk, it could affect speech at first

Take the first step in your denture journey by booking a free denture consultation where we will fully assess your personal denture requirements. Payment is only required once you have accepted the recommended denture options that are best suited for you.

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