No two people are exactly alike, thanks to the unique interplay of thousands of natural variables, like the colour of our hair and eyes, the tone of our skin, our height and the build of our bodies.

The same can be said for smiles. Smiles gain their intrigue from the size, colour and texture of teeth, as well as the way they are positioned in our mouths.

When assessing the aesthetics of a Cosmetic Denture, teeth are usually set in a perfect arch depicting a person who has had Orthodontic treatment – straightening of the teeth – while an Individualized Denture would denote a person with teeth ranging from slight to quite a bit off the perfect arch. Both sets of Dentures will allow for good function – it all depends on the likes and dislikes of the individual!

At your Dentures get personalized, by considering essentials such as face shape, skin tone, habits and gender. Dentures are crafted – one tooth at a time – until the most harmonious interplay of individual tooth-form, size, colour and arrangement has been achieved.
Both Cosmetic and Individualized Dentures are fabricated with high impact acrylic base material for added strength utilizing the latest hard-wearing nano-hybrid composite teeth which are characterized by a unique surface texture which enhances the life-like appearance of the teeth.

In addition to having good-looking Dentures, you could also hugely benefit by stabilizing troublesome lower Dentures with Dental Implants. These Implant Overdentures are virtually trouble-free as the lower Denture is stabilized and no longer move around causing ulcers. As the lower Denture is firmly anchored, it is unable to bob up and down in the mouth thus cancelling those embarrassing moments! specialises in both Cosmetic and Individualized Dentures, Implant Overdentures and Metal framed Partial Dentures. They also perform quality same-day heat-processed Relines and execute Repairs and WINZ quotes while you wait.

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