Now that we are able to travel, we want to look our best. If you have been staving off that visit to have your dentures seen to, now is the time to act!

Are you satisfied with the look and performance of your dentures? Does your mouth sag and does it hurt while eating; shouldn’t you be doing something about it?

The seating platform of one’s dentures will change with time. The underlying bone shrinks and as a result, dentures that once fitted well, now present with gaps under them where food and buildup will gather. Enough change can occur over a period of 12 to 18 months to warrant a check of the fit of your Dentures. Just like having your car serviced once a year, you should have your Dentures seen to as well!

At such a maintenance visit, dentures can be cleaned and rejuvenated, making them look new and perform as expected. The fitting surfaces get addressed and gaps between the gum and denture will be filled with new material. This would make the Dentures fit snug and feel comfortable again. The procedure is referred to as a Reline.

In some instances, dentures with too much wear will have to be replaced. This will give you the opportunity to choose the level of quality of materials to be used, as well as the degree of authenticity of the finish. After all, you do not want to appear to be wearing dentures, do you!?

Base-line dentures tend to look artificial. Spending a little extra could remedy this; Opting for higher quality denture teeth, would undeniably improve the outcome, as the dentures would appear more life-like. If possible, do combine this with a natural looking set-up of the teeth. It would make a significant difference to your total appearance. Should you add some Gum Sculpting to the dentures even those, with a trained eye, would not pick up the fact that you are actually wearing dentures!

Thorough impression taking and accurate bite registration will further enhance and add to the positive outcome of a good set of dentures.

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